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How To Chip In Golf – Short Game Tips

How to chip in golf

Chips in golf game are tactical short shots played around the greens. By improving your short game, you can easily lower your score and build your confidence. Whether you’re a beginner to golf or an experienced player, perfecting a chipped shot is quite necessary if you are serious about the sport.

Hitting a chip shot is one of the most common things to do for golfers on the course. Solid chipping technique will help you get the ball close to the hole and lower your scores.

In this article, we will go over some important chipping tips and techniques – they are simple yet effective. And keep practicing after you finish reading, in no time, you will chip and pitch like a machine!

Using the chipping training net will help you get the feeling of a proper chipping and improve your short game from the comfort of your home.

How To Chip A Golf Ball

Step 1. The proper posture

How you stand is the first and very important step to your chipping, if you do it right, hitting a good chip shot will become very easy.

Always keep a good golf posture: bend forward from your hips and let your arms and shoulders form a solid triangle.

Ensure that your weight is slightly forward. Put your front shoulder directly over your front foot. This will help you to strike the ball solidly with a slightly descending blow.

Keep your lead arm straight as it will set the correct distance to the ball and proper posture.

Step 2. Get the stance right

Keep the ball aligned with your sternum. Aim your body slightly ahead of the ball.

Keep your feet parallel to the golf ball and toes in line. The key is to make sure you feel comfortable and are in control of the situation. This stance increases your chances of getting in contact with the golf ball and chip it in the right direction.

Always keep your feet close together (I recommend one clubhead space in between them) as you will be able to turn your body easily while chipping.

Remember to keep your chest up during the short game. Arching your chest is a bad habit as it will change the direction of the club.

Slightly open stance as it helps keep your body rotating to a proper finish.

You weight should be slightly on your front foot (around 60%) as this makes it easier to hit your chip shots.

Step 3. Positioning the ball

Align the ball with your front foot if you want to aim high or with your back foot for a low shot.

Position the ball forward in your stance if you want a more lofted shot as it will come out higher with less roll.

Play the ball in the middle if you want a nice average release and roll. This is the safest position and I recommend it for the most of your short game shots.

Position the ball back of the center of your stance for a lower trajectory with maximum roll out.

Step 4. Chipping the golf ball

Now that everything is set up for you to make the final chipping.

You should swing with your entire upper body but not your wrists, as it will limit your force and control. If your swing is correct, you will easily feel the movement in your hips. Always keep your feet and legs stable while making the chip shot.

Make sure that your initial contact with the ball is in a downward strike. Do not hit up. Only move up when the club makes a connection with the ball.

Raise the club once it makes the impact with the golf ball as it will provides the air the golf ball needs to take off from the grass.

After the impact, keep your eyes on the swing through and where the golf ball lands and rolls.

Tips to improve your chip

Which club to choose for chipping?

Choosing a club with the right ratio for your short game is fairly important.

Your choice of club depends on the distance from the grassed ball to the green. For shorter distance, pick a more lofted club such as a sand wedge, to prevent the ball from running too far. For longer distance choose a straighter-faced club for a more practical use.

Chipping with 7, 8, 9-iron will make the ball fly low and roll out more. Use them when you have a small area of fringe in front of you and a large length of green between you and the hole.

If you choose wedges, your chip shots will fly higher. If you don’t have much green to work with or face an obstacle, or when your ball is in rough grass, use them.

Grip your club firmly

Hold the golf club firmly while chipping as it requires a lot of control. Your hands should grip the club properly. Read how to grip your club properly in this article: How to swing a golf club?

Practice more often

Practice makes perfection. Although you have learned all the techniques of how to chip the golf ball, only ongoing practice will make the perfect chip for you.  Keep polishing your chipping technique and practice at least once or twice a week. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, always practice more to sharpen your chipping skill.

If you find driving a long way to the driving range or course is troublesome, get this golf chipping net for home practice.

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