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6 Best Funny Golf Shirts For Men And Women

Today, golfers have some outrageous options for outfits to wear on the course, from hats, shirts to pants, and more. Between golf knickers and plaid socks, there’s a lot to be said for the staid golf shirt. When you are shopping for golf shirts, it’s worth making a statement about the fun of the sport with it.

There are some golf shirts incorporate phrases or sayings that are a fun twist on golfing terms. Some shirts include quotes about playing foul balls, shanking the ball and setting low goals for your play as long as the weather is fine. Some quote famous lines from a movie or a book, and adds a little twist, which makes it classic for the golf play.

When it comes to golf accessories and apparel, a humorous T-shirt or polo would be a fine addition to your golf collection. So we’ve come up with a list below of some of the most popular and funniest golf shirts. Directly click on them to purchase and wear on your next course!

The funny t-shirts we listed above are great for playing the round of golf in or for just hanging out with your friends. They also make a great gift idea for the person who loves golf, like your family, lover, or friends. They are made of premium soft ring spun cotton, which make them the most comfortable shirts to wear while playing golf.

Although these shirts above seem silly, they will bring so much fun to the course with you.

While you are enjoying the fun of wearing them, there are rules that you need to follow.

Most courses have strict rules about attire on the course, with a strict prohibition against foul language or phrases that may be inappropriate. So if you think the quote or saying may be inappropriate, it’s better to choose a different shirt.

Funny golf shirts are a great way to display your sense of humor and your passion and love for the game, which is a sport not often associated with joking around. After all, it has been referred to as a “Gentleman’s game.” And that’s why wearing a funny golf shirt will also makes you stand out and be the star.

Humorous golf shirt tees gifts are perfect for dad, mom, brother, sister and friends who play golf or have someone close that does. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, a funny tee shirt will always help guide you with humor out.

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