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How To Swing A Golf Club

How To Swing A Golf Club

Every golfer, especially the beginner, has asked themselves the same question: “how do I swing a golf club properly?” You might be confused by the variety of “swings” out there on the internet or local instructors, however, they all include the same basic moves and positions.

Making a good swing is the most important thing in your game. In this article, you will learn the perfect golf swing and information on how you can avoid golf swing errors. Read this: How To Hit The Golf Ball Straight And Far – Step By Step Tips

We want you to know that golf can be difficult while you’re still learning proper technique, but as you master your skills, it will eventually be the game you adore and even get addicted to.

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How to grip your club

No doubt the most important part of the golf swing for beginners is the grip. If you don’t know how to grip the golf club correctly, then you won’t be able to make good shots and respectable scores when you play on the green. Here’s the right way to grip your club:

  • Grip the handle where the grip meets the golf shaft with your dominant hand.
  • Hold your lead thumb snug against the club.
  • Place the club in your non-dominant hand. Secure your hands by curling the bottom three fingers of your non-dominant hand.
  • Overlap or interlock your lead index finger and trail pinky finger.

Remember to always hold the club with a relaxed grip. When you do that, the club head will turn over when you make the swing, which enables better accuracy and better distance. Don’t try too hard, just keep it comfortable and natural.

And always hold a golf club from the side, but not underneath it.

The right posture

If you struggle to make good contact with the golf ball and have the occasional air-shot, then you have the wrong posture.

Here’s the tips of the right posture: flex your knees slightly and bend forward from the hips. Bend your upper body slightly towards the ball and keep your back straight without slouching or bringing your head too far back.

This is a natural and comfortable posture for most people, if you are doing it right, you can easily turn from side to side.

Before your swing, make sure your weight is evenly distributed on both feet, as it ensures proper balance.

How to swing the club

Let’s talk about the backswing. It’s where you lift the club back from its starting position and at the top, your arms, club, and hands reach up above your trail shoulder. It requires a turn of your body and a hinge of your wrists.

When aim, keep the right leg flexed so your weight can shift to it.

As you swing through to the finish, your club head swing all the way around above your shoulder to create a smooth circle in the air.

Always keep your elbow close to your side during the first part of your backswing, as it will help your arms rotate and stay close to your body.

You should always swing as hard as you can without losing your balance and posture. The longer you can hit the golf ball off the tee, the lower scores you’ll get as it leaves less distance into the green.

And now let’s move to downswing. The downswing of the golf swing should be smooth immediately following a smooth backswing, start it slowly and build speed progressively. 

Use your lower body to lead the upper body as you’re turning to maximize the hit power.

Keep in mind that your right elbow should be close to your body so that it’s completely straight again when the club moves downward.

During the downswing, shift your weight from the ball of your back foot to your front foot. And always keep your front knee flexed, especially when you’re hitting a driver.

The follow-through

The follow-through means that you keep your eyes on the ball until impact. It doesn’t only help you see your ball fly, but also gets you in the habit of allowing the downswing and impact to run its full course smoothly without any sharp or shaky interferences.

Always focus on reaching a desirable follow through position, as it helps you perform the previous golf swing stages correctly.

During the follow-through, release your hands naturally after the wrists are allowed to unhinge. Keep your hands and club head circling back around your body as your body weight is moved towards the left foot.


So we have gone over the techniques of how to swing a golf club. We know there is a lot to cover with a perfect golf swing. But like everything else, the more you practice, the better your chances of making the perfect golf swing.

Golf is never an easy sport to learn, but you can definitely excel if you put in the hard work.

The golf swing is a very complex process. It combines several moving parts to connect the club head with the golf ball.

This complex process is extremely difficult to execute without understanding the parts that make up the complete process.

We hope you will keep developing your swing with the help of this article and hopefully it will aid you in the future to remedy your swing when you encounter some struggles.

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