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Mark your golf ball with this golf ball stamp and make it stand out on the green. It’s such a quick and easy way to identify your own golf ball. We feature up to 24 funny designs for this golf ball marker stamp, such as skull, red lips, goat, eagle, Superman, heart, cat, mustache, Captain America’s shield, and more.

Find one or more that you like and stamp your golf balls!


  • Quick-dry ink that dries within seconds
  • Bright colors, fun designs
  • Great gift for golfers
  • Permanent ink that won’t fade


  • Weight: 8.4g
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Length: 5.3cm/2.09inch
  • Outer Diameter: 2.1cm/0.83inch
  • Package Includes: 1 x Golf Ball Stamper

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Red Eagle, Blue Rhino, Blue Eyes, Blue Elephant, Black Skull, Red Lips, Red Heart, Blue Ram, Red Superman, Red Paw, Red Cherry, Blue Captain America's Shield, Red Sun, Green Four Leaf, Red Lady bug, Blue Thumbsup, Red Star, Black Fan, Green Tree, Blue Beard, Red Cat, Red Flower, Blue Wing, Red Piggy

11 reviews for Golf Ball Stamp | Golf Ball Marker

  1. HD

    Was quick and easy to mark all of my balls. Looks better and was faster than a sharpie and doesn’t wipe off. Was a perfect stamp of the image I selected.

  2. b from wi

    Used one season so far . Worked beautifully.

  3. Ronald Herbert

    Easy to use and durable stamping.

  4. Greg Dickson

    Works great, lesson learn. You need to roll it rather then press it on

  5. ScottieG

    Works great. You have to adjust the pressure to make sure it’s not too light or comes out too smuged, but I think any stamp would be subject to this. I wished the stamping device itself, came in brighter colors to be able to see deep in my bag as it’s deep black and can be hard to find. It’s also a little hard to open sometimes especially if you have a glove and it’s wet so a grippier case would be ideal

  6. Andy

    I’d give this a 5 star review. The logo was clearly visible and distinctive on the balls.

  7. Daniel Sperl

    Just what I wanted

  8. JB Toohey

    I keep this in my golf bag. It is super easy to mark a new ball on the course if needed. Love it.

  9. james o

    The stamp looks and feels well built. 

  10. Johnny V.

    Fun stamp. Worth the money!

  11. Patricio L

    Stamps work well on white balls. Small enough to throw in the bag.

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