FMGolfPro™ Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever – 6.5ft/9ft


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With FMGolfPro™ Golf Ball Retriever, No Ball Gets Left Behind!

Every golfer has suffered from losing golf balls in the water and other obstacles that they can’t reach, or backaches from needing to constantly bend over to pick up the balls. With FMGolfPro™ Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever, enjoy your game without worrying!

➡ Easily retrieve the balls from water & other obstacles
➡ No more bending over to pick the balls
➡ Portable & easy to carry


This thing is awesome! It lets you retrieve golf balls in water, woods, and snake areas that you would not want to stick your hand or that you couldn’t reach.

Don Thompson | 🇺🇸

❓ Tired of losing expensive golf balls?

Golf ball retriever is definitely an essential equipment for all golf players, as there’s often mud, water, sand trap, or bushes involved in a play. Let’s face it, losing expensive golf balls is painful, especially if you are losing several balls per round, $5 each can add up quickly.

This golf ball retriever comes in both a 6.5′ length and a 9′ length, you can easily retrieve balls from water hazard and any hard to reach areas with it. It features the scoop cup design and automatic locking system, which will lock the ball automatically and hold it in place, easily for you to retrieve the ball in a snap.

✅ No more bend-over, say goodbye to backaches

As fun and relaxing as the golf game is, it gets really frustrating when you have to chase the ball around the course from a place that is hard to reach. Stop dirtying up your nice golf pants by bending down near the trees to reach your hidden golf ball. And the more you bend over to retrieve your balls, the worse your backaches will get.

Our golf ball retriever can extend to 6.5’/9′ long and grab the balls easily, you will never need to bend over to pick up the balls again.

✅ Enjoy your game without worrying

Easily retrieve your ball when accidents happened. No more stepping in the water to fetch your ball. Always feel confident while playing on the green while this ball retriever saves you time and hassle.

✅ Sturdy, lightweight and easy to store

Made of premium stainless steel, this ball pick up tool is super sturdy when extended. Compact design improves portability on the course, and the ribbed handle provides excellent grip.

It’s super light (weighs only 7 oz.), and small (only 16″ long when collapsed) enough to fit in your golf bag or be attached outside the bag.


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  • Non-rusting and durable shaft
  • Sturdy grabbing, no need to bend over
  • Automatic locking scoop design on cup locks ball in place
  • Wide handle with ridges to keep it secure in your hand
  • This golf ball pick up tool is well-made with high quality material
  • Long telescopic shaft enables long distance ball retrieving from water
  • Lightweight and small, easily fit in your bag for no-hassle storage


  • Weight: 7 oz./0.206kg/0.45lb.
  • Material: Stainless steel + ABS
  • Scoop diameter: 5cm/2in
  • Scoop depth: 4.5cm/1.8in
  • Retracted length: 40cm/16″
  • Extended length: 79″/108″
  • Package includes:
    option 1: 79inch – 1 x 79″ long golf ball retriever (golf ball not included)
    option 2: 108inch – 1 x 108″ long golf ball retriever, 1 golf ball, 1 ball pickup tool

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6.5ft, 9ft


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