Golf Wedge Club 50-64 Degree (Gap, Sand, Lob Wedge)


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Featuring advanced surface milling techniques, each and every of this golf wedge is the result of precise sole geometry, leading edges, and score lines to ensure optimal turf interaction and consistent performance. With a wide sole design, this sand wedge helps improve turf interaction.

Just the right amount of bounce angles for perfectly match with typical divot depth and playing conditions. Wide loft ranges of wedges for your needs: gap wedge (50 degree, 52 degree, 54 degree), Sand wedge (56 degree, 58 degree), Lob wedge (60 degree, 62 degree, and 64 degree).


  • Premium stainless steel construction
  • The profile for each wedge has been precisely created to perfectly blend the size, shape and offset
  • Wide sole design improves turf interaction for cleaner golf ball contact
  • Low Center of Gravity design enables longer and higher shots
  • Constructed with soft, quality stainless steel for clean look at address and higher ball capture rate
  • Wedges with variety of loft ranges for your different needs: gap, sand and lob wedges
  • High quality precision milling across the face enhances surface roughness for perfect spin
  • Classic finish creates timeless style and streamlined visuals


  • Hand Orientation: Right Handed
  • Club Type: Wedges
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: black, silver
  • Wedge Loft: 50 degree /52 degree /54 degree /56 degree /58 degree /60 degree /62 degree /64 degree
  • Package Includes: 1 Golf Wedge Club

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Black 50 Degree, Black 52 Degree, Black 54 Degree, Black 56 Degree, Black 58 Degree, Black 60 Degree, Black 62 Degree, Sliver 50 Degree, Sliver 52 Degree, Sliver 54 Degree, sliver 56 Degree, Sliver 58 Degree, Sliver 60 Degree, Sliver 62 Degree, Sliver 64 Degree


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